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Empowering those 16 and over with dyslexia to reach their full potential.

 Welcome to Dear Dyslexic. This site has been set up as an open forum to discuss all topics relating to dyslexia and learning difficulties.

This site is a mix of evidence-based research and my own personal experiences. I want Dear Dyslexic to support everyone who has dyslexia, particularly young people who are trying to finish school, start off in higher education or work. For those who are already working, I hope that Dear Dyslexic can provide you with support and information for your situation.

🔊 Listen to this In this month’s episode, Shae speaks with Dr Grainne Cleary on the topic of science and wildlife ecology.

🔊 Listen to this Like me, 1 in 10 Australians have dyslexia – these Australians are the reason that I created the Dear Dyslexic Foundation. Dyslexia and other learning disabilities can have a major impact on many areas of life. Struggles with reading, spelling and maths, can lead to disengagement and disconnection from education, struggles […]