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At the moment, most schools and workplaces are not set up to support people with dyslexia, especially young people and adults in the workplace. This is in spite of 1 in 10 people experiencing dyslexia or other learning difficulties.

All children and young people should have the opportunity for an education and a job that enables them to thrive in society. Your education is a strong predictor of your health and quality of life outcomes. With poor education and low literacy it’s all too easy to end up on a path to low income, poor health, and poor quality of life. Dyslexia can impact on your ability to stick with school, which can lead to discrimination throughout life.

On this site you’ll find the Dear Dyslexic Podcasts, which are hosted by me, Shae Wissell. In the series I’ll talk to different people about dyslexia, with a focus on young people and adults in the workplace. I’ll share my own personal experiences, speak with fellow dyslexics, and with experts in the field to try to reduce some of the myths and stigma around dyslexia and learning difficulties. I hope that the podcasts will be a useful tool for education professionals, supervisors and managers who have employees with dyslexia and learning difficulties, policy makers and health professionals.

I also want to talk to my fellow dyslexics, parents and the whole community. In general, the podcasts will also be interesting for anyone keen to find out what life is like for a dyslexic (for me, it’s a little bit left of centre!).

I hope you enjoy these podcasts and that they start to get people talking. Feel free to leave comments or questions.