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Assessment and Support Services


Dyslexic Foundation provides assessments and support services. These vital services will support young people and adults to access the right services, at the right time, in the right place. 


The Dear Dyslexic Foundation offers comprehensive Learning Disability Assessments with Dr Jessica Peterson and Zenia Elhassan  who are registered psychologist with full endorsement in the practice area of Clinical Neuropsychology. 

For a comprehensive assessment, you will need to attend three appointments. The first two appointments will take 2-3 hours each. During this time you will complete different tasks that look at  your thinking skills (cognition) as well as your performance across academic tasks (such as reading, writing, and mathematics).  Thinking skills examined include attention, concentration, processing speed, memory, language, visual skills, and problem solving.Dr Pike will also ask you questions about your main symptoms, and background regarding your school years, working life, family, general health, and your mental health and wellbeing. All of this information is put together to determine your profile of strengths and weaknesses, and see if it fits with a particular learning disability, such as dyslexia. 

The last session is for an hour and is a feedback session, where you will receive a comprehensive written report and a support pack.Dear Dyslexic

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