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Episode 23 with Jemima Hutton

Episode 23 with Jemima Hutton

Jemima is a diagnosed dyslexic student who is currently studying Provisional Entry Medicine at the University of the Queensland. She has been assessed as being in the lowest 2% for reading with her eyes, however, she received an ATAR of 99.3 for her secondary school studies including two perfect scores. Jemima was Dux of her school and also ironically received the English Prize for being the top student even though she only ever read the books with her ears, using assistive technology at 3 times normal speed.

After taking a gap year, Jemima started her own company called Dyslexia Demystified to support and empower young people with dyslexia. She has presented keynotes to students, teachers and parents at more than 40 different schools around Victoria and Queensland and made her international debut in Japan at the Asia Pacific Dyslexia Festival in 2018. In order to reach more young people like herself and build an online community of proud dyslexics, Jemima started a YouTube Channel, which she hopes will grow to be the largest online support platform for dyslexic young people.

Shae hope’s you enjoy this podcast with Jemima an inspiration for all young people.