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National Dyslexia Awareness Month 2019

It’s that time of year again and we are excited at the number of organisations getting behind National Dyslexia Awareness Campaign during the month of October! This year’s theme is all about building resilience with higher education and the workplace.

Get involved and help celebrate and acknowledge those with dyslexia, their families and the broader community during the month of October with the Dear Dyslexic Foundation.

We will be running several activities during October to help raise awareness of dyslexia and other learning disabilities including:

Queensland Senator Amanda Stoker has put her support behind Dyslexia Awareness Month and will be running our campaign saying, “if a person wants to work, we should make sure we do everything we can to facilitate their employment. It is important for their well-being and of course, it is better for the country they do too.”

Part of the celebrations is our annual Gala Dinner on the 18th of October with special guest speaker, acclaimed Australian author (and proud dyslexic) Jackie French. Take the opportunity to celebrate the extraordinary Australian dyslexic community, share a delicious meal and meet new friends. If you’re an employer, this is a wonderful opportunity to show your dyslexic staff how much you value their unique and valuable contributions to the workplace.

Further details of the event are attached or buy you tickets now –  we look forward to seeing you on the night and joining us in empowering young people and adults with dyslexia to reach their full potential and live healthier, happier more connected lives.

It’s not too late to organise a local National Dyslexia Awareness activity or event in your work area or to attend our Annual Gala.  You can get behind our annual campaign by simply hosting:

  • a morning tea or lunch at your school, TAFE, University or workplace.
  • Sausage sizzle — Ah the humble sausage sizzle. Whether it’s at a sporting carnival, outside Bunnings, or an election day “Democracy Sausage”, this classic is hard to beat!
  • All-inclusive pancake breakfast — Make sure you offer options for everyone — the gluten free, the vegan, the sugar-free, and the foodie who will eat anything.
  • “Junk” donations — Some stuff isn’t worthy of a garage sale, but it’s still worth money. Have community members donate their used ink cartridges, defunct electronics, and old magazines. You can resell these to recyclers for a profit.
  • Donations on your event page — Make it easy for people to give even if they can’t attend your event with donation buttons on your event page.
  • Crowd Funding 

Your support will help raise awareness of dyslexia and all funds go directly to helping those with dyslexia have healthier, happier more connected lives.

Download your pack:A4_Education Factsheet– How do you build a dyslexia-friendly educational environment?

A4_Workplace Factsheet– How do you build a dyslexia-friendly workplace environment? 

TAFE_Students_ A3_Poster– 1 in 10 TAFE Students has dyslexia

Uni Students_A3_Poster – 1 in 10 University Students has dyslexia

Workplace_A3_Poster– 1 in 10 employees has dyslexia

Or purchase one of our red ribbons to wear during teh month of October.

All donations over $2 are tax-deductible and can be made here