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preliminary research findings launched

preliminary research findings launched

I’m so proud to have presented my research findings this week on the Social and Emotional Wellbeing of Young People and Adults with Dyslexia at La Trobe University. As a doctoral candidate, working full time, running the Dear Dyslexic Foundation and living with dyslexia which for me is a daily juggling act. So being able to present this research is a major achievement. It’s not often I get time to stop and reflect on my achievements but this one is important not just for me but for all of those with dyslexia and to acknowledge the daily juggling act we are all managing, one day at a time. So I hope over the weekend you all get a chance to stop, take a minute and acknowledge just how amazing you and we all are! One ordinary dyslexic to another we are all achieving extraordinary things. Next steps for me reflection, peer review and papers to be published!

Thank you to my supervisors Dr Leila Karimi and Dr Tanya Serry from #LaTrobeUniversity.


Download Dyslexic (Infographics) ADULTS


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