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Higher Education Working Group

 Author and Dyslexia Expert, Sandra Hargreaves

Sandra has been involved with education throughout her career. After initial training as an English Teacher at the University of Newcastle in Australia, she completed both an MA and MEd at the University of Sydney.  Shae has undertaken all her dyslexia training in the UK.  She was a Course Leader for both the MA SpLD, the PGC: Teaching Adult Dyslexic Learners in Higher and Further Education and the PGDip in Assessment for SpLD (Dyslexia) at London Metropolitan University, where she was a Teaching Fellow. Sandra has been involved in dyslexia support at Thames Valley University, the Inner London Probation and Uxbridge College. She previously worked for many years in Australia at Macquarie University in the Teacher Education Programme where she was the Course Leader of the Secondary English Team. She has Associate Membership of the British Dyslexia Association in Further and Higher Education (AMBDA FE/HE).

Her interest in education has been extensive. She has travelled to the United States, where she had a Fulbright Scholarship and the UK where she enjoyed an educational award sponsored by the British Council. She has given papers at international conferences in the USA, UK, Europe, Singapore and Australia. She also has dyslexia.

She is also a co-author with  Jamie Crabb – Educational Consultant on the book Study Skills For Students With Dyslexia, Support For Specific Learning Differences (Splds) Third Edition, 2016

Dr. Laura Dickenson

Laura Dickinson initially completed a degree in visual arts, then went on to complete a Bachelor of Education and then a Doctor of Philosophy. She has been involved with education throughout her career, working in all sectors of education.  Currently, she works with adult students at university as a Language and Learning Adviser.

She developed an interest in supporting students with dyslexia when her daughter was diagnosed in late 2016 and also worked with a student with dyslexia at university.  Through reading, research and personal experience, Laura has developed an understanding of how to support students with dyslexia.  She has presented a paper ‘Supporting students with dyslexia at university’ and plans to continue this support and to educate others on how they can support students with dyslexia.


 Educator and Dear Dyslexic Board Member, Christine     MacJouvelet

Christine originally trained as a primary school teacher and has a strong background in education and financial services. She has taught at all levels including kindergarten and primary as well as adult education at institutions such as Victoria University, the Salvation Army and NMIT Preston. She developed and ran the ‘Able Sports Programme’ for the Australian Sports Commission and Vic Sport and Recreation. Christine has also worked full time at registered training organisations, including AAMC Training Group and was a Director of Skill Solutions. Christine works as a Mortgage Broker and mentor and has used her educational skills in teaching finance for the financial services sector.  Social justice is a strong motivator and Christine wants to make a difference for people with dyslexia and specific learning disabilities, particularly in teacher/tutor training and direct support services to dyslexics over 16.

Dr  Jacqueline Caskey

Jacqueline recently completed her PhD in Sociology, focusing on dyslexia and Learning Difficulties with a particular interest in working with adult students in higher education and in workplaces. She has a background in teaching with a Master of Education. Jacqueline is a PhD tutor who supports adolescents and adults who have dyslexia and learning disabilities within Queensland. She has previously worked with a range of organisations as a Teacher and Disability Officer. She now provides culturally appropriate support and educational services to progress learning for students and adults on the Sunshine Coast through her private business,